“When one door closes, another window opens” we all know this famous quote by Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. There are so many phrases and quotes surrounding “windows”! “A window of opportunity”, “a window into my soul,” “going window shopping.” Windows are talked about everywhere and are quite literally a staple in our lives appearing everywhere we go, in almost every building that we encounter.

The windows in your home are likely the windows that you will enjoy more than any others, and should, therefore, be the ones that you pay the most attention to. You may think a window is doing its job merely by existing, but that is not always the case. Windows carry a lot more function than just looking nice and keeping the elements outside of your home and letting the sunshine in.

Here are three big reasons you might want to look into that might mean you need to look at getting new windows for your home:

1. Energy Efficiency

Are your electric bills higher than normal? Are you noticing drafts or warmer and cooler areas in your home? If you have old or poorly installed windows, they may not be sealed correctly causing air to leak in, creating drafts and colder homes in the winter and warmer homes in the summer. This forces you to adjust your thermometer, or even worse, if you have an automatic temperature adjustment on your home, you are losing money without even knowing it.

Anlin windows installed by Select Home Improvements guarantee energy efficient windows. As a platinum elite dealer of Anlin windows, we offer the most innovative series of windows our manufacturer has to offer.

Industry-leading features within the Del Mar Series include the following:

  • Multiple foam filled pockets integrated through the manufacturing of each window enhances the Del Mar’s efficiency. This is Anlin’s Comfort-Core™ technology
  • Another leading feature through the Del Mar Series is a rigid thermal reinforcement which provides both superior strength and thermal insulation inside integral locking areas to both sash and frame. This technology known as Innergy® helps the Del Mar Series Window to be one of the industry’s leading replacement windows available for your home.

If your home is feeling drafty or your bills are higher than they should be, contact us today and we’ll see if efficiency is the problem and if we can help solve it.

2. Wear and Tear

When you are a homeowner, you don’t just want your home to feel warm (or cool!) and be a comfortable place for your family, but you also want it to look good! Wear and tear on windows is a normal part of homeownership. This is especially apparent in climates that host high humidity, salty air, or a lot of storms. Different climates affect all of the materials on a home, so people that live near the ocean or another body of water may find themselves replacing materials more often.

Older homes may have materials, such as wood, that may deteriorate faster than other materials we have to offer today as well. Select Home Improvements offers only the best of Anlins windows made with durable vinyl. Here is what you can expect:

  • MasterBlend™ Vinyl formula is so durable, Anlin branded products include a “True Double Lifetime” warranty
  • Vinyl is tested to withstand extreme UV environments such as Arizona desert
  • We run a Desert Climate Test on all of our windows
  • We run an AAMA Heat Resistance Test that exposes the vinyl to heat and then is visually inspected for stress-related surface changes
  • Run a Heat Absorption Test which exposes the vinyl to infrared radiation to determine how much radiant heat it can absorb and still remain stable

If you are ready to upgrade your home’s look and feel, as well as increase durability, contact us about installing vinyl window frames on your home today.

3. Soundproofing

On top of keeping your home energy efficient and looking nice, windows can help soundproof your home! If you’ve noticed loud street noise, audible neighbors, or planes flying overhead, you might have single-paned, not very soundproof windows.

Single pane windows contain one pane of glass, where a double pane window includes two panes of glass with air in between in, which helps with sound, insulation, and safety as well. On top of double pane windows, Anlin efficiency seals as mentioned above will help with soundproofing as well.

If any of these three items pertain to you, it may be time to look into new windows! Contact us at Select Home Improvements today. We’ve been building for over 15 years and we are here to help you with your home improvement needs. We love our work and we loving helping you create the home of your dreams.