If you love the outdoors and the comfort of your home, a patio cover is a portal that will allow you to enjoy both! The first step of creating your own patio cover is to decide how much shade you really want, select your patio cover style and materials. The most popular patio covers are lattice patio covers and solid patio covers.

Lattice Patio Covers 

Add shade and protect your home from the harmful sun rays. Lattice patio covers add character and beauty to your patio and, at the same time, will increase home value. They are designed and manufactured to be durable and withstand the sun, strong winds, and rain. Looking to protect your outdoor spaces with a stylish touch and minimum maintenance? Lattice patio cover is the right choice for you. Select Home Improvements can help you customize your lattice patio cover to fit your outdoor space and match the style of your home.

If you want the protection but you like some sunlight in your patio, lattice cover is the best choice for you. This cover uses a pattern that allows rain and sunshine go through instead of completely blocking them. If you are looking to have a vine garden, this will be the choice to make, since it gives plenty of shelter and space for your plants to grow. Crawling plants such as hops, wisteria, and so many others are recommended when considering a lattice patio cover.

Will A Lattice Patio Cover Fit My Patio?

Select Home Improvements are proud to offer custom lattice patio covers to meet any patio or outdoor home areas. They are ideal for smaller patios and larger outdoor areas alike since they are fabricated with the right study materials that will bring maximum balance and safety. Customize your patio cover even further by choosing the color that will highlight the architecture of your home best. Add heaters, lighting and so much more.

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