Reflective Insulation

There are several types of thermal insulation, among them is reflective insulation, which contains at least one reflective part of its surface that is installed so that the reflective surface faces an air gap. It is generally manufactured with aluminum foil, which is then installed on different types of material that support it, such as plastic film, rigid foam, polyethylene bubbles, or cardboard.

Three Ways Heat Transfers

In order to understand how it works, let’s explore the three ways heat transfers: When heat is transferred through air movement we call it convection, when heat is transferred through solid materials that are touching we call it conduction, When heat travels in electromagnetic waves we call it thermal radiation, such as the energy we get from the sun.

Reflective insulation is designed to reduce radiant heat gain versus other thermal insulation materials such as fiberglass that work by slowing down conductive heat flow; that is why reflective insulation works slightly differently.

Hot Roofs

The reason why a roof gets supper hot is because of the sun’s radiant energy that hits it. A lot of the heat will travel to the attic via the different materials a roof is made out of such as wood, metal, and others. Then the heated material will transfer the heat energy it has gained onto the attic surfaces that are cooler; this includes the air ducts and the attic floor. It is recommended for homeowners to install reflective insulation in the attic ceiling; it will reduce the heat transfer from the base of the roof to the other sides of the attic.

Comfortable Home

A more comfortable and cooler home is no surprise after treating your attic with reflective insulation. If you live in a warm climate area, reflective insulation is a great match. It works excellent, especially for homes that have air ducts in the attic, asphalt roofing, since that is one of the materials that absorb the heat the most, and little to no shading from trees.

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