Window Replacement FAQs

This page will provide answers to many of the typical questions and concerns that are posed when approaching your next project.

A: Replacement windows are of higher quality compared to new construction or contractor windows. This is because contractors and home builders usually look for the cheapest products so they can make more profit for their work. They also only offer the minimum warranty of 2 years, which is required by law.

Most window companies that offer replacement windows also offer a 15 year or more warranty to go with them as well. They do this because they know their windows are of higher quality, designed, built, and installed better as well. And at Select Home Improvements, we proudly offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for all of the windows that we install.


  • When windows have old, broken or cracked glass
  • When you notice a dramatic increase in your home energy bills
  • When you have metal frame windows
  • When your windows stop sliding up or down
  • When you see condensation between the panes of glass – this means there are glass seal failures
  • When there are signs of poor installation, you’ll notice this when air starts leaking in your home in around your windows

If you notice any of the things listed below are issues that you are having with the windows that are currently in your, then we would strongly suggest you invest in replacement windows. This will not only help you improve the overall look of your home, but it will significantly decrease your energy bill and save you money. Let Select Home Improvement help you, call (855) 995-2233

A: Replacement windows are typically installed from the exterior of the home in most cases.

A: We’re proud to say yes, you will save money on your energy bill, and you will see the difference as soon as they are installed.

Unfortunately, with older windows, you will lose about 30% of what you spend on heat and A/C in your home. This is because the non-insulated glass allows for “escapes,” which helps thermal energy to easily go in and out of your home.

New replacement windows are now strategically designed to have insulated frames and glass that prevents energy loss. So, with replacement windows, you’ll ultimately use less energy, and you’ll see it in your energy bill.

A: If you hire a professional to install high-quality windows, then you probably won’t have to replace your windows for the duration of your time living in the home. Yes, it’s true… today’s quality windows are designed to last a homeowner a minimum of 30 years. Today, all products, testing, and engineering are extensive, which makes for a higher quality replacement window and a longer performance term.

A: One thing is certain… in order for windows to keep more heat in your home during winter months and cool air during the summer months, more than one pane of glass is needed for your windows. Multiple panes of glass provide a thermal barrier that prevents energy leakage.

A: No, local hardware stores do not sell quality replacement windows. Remember, stores like these are for home builders or contractors that buy the cheapest windows for the properties they are selling.

A: On average, each window takes approximately 30 minutes to install, not including trim work and cleanup. However, the type of window being replaced, and the window being installed determines the exact amount of time needed to complete the job. Most replacement window jobs can be completed within 1-2 days.

A: In order for your replacement windows to be effective, proper installation is vital, which is why we have a team of highly qualified and trained professionals to install your windows for you. We want to ensure that they are installed correctly, fit perfectly, and are appropriately balanced for optimum performance.

A: If your top priority is to maximize your energy savings, then, yes you should replace all of your windows at the same time, but you do not have to. If you replace a few windows at a time, you will still see a reduction in energy costs. We do suggest that if you decide not to replace all of your windows at the same time, that you replace all of the windows on one side of your home or replace one level at a time if you have a multi-level home.

A: Vinyl windows cost anywhere between $300-$700 per window to replace.

A: Fortunately yes! If you have high-quality, energy-efficient windows, then there is no doubt that you will see a significant decrease in your energy bills. If you choose to get vinyl replacements, then the cost for maintenance is also eliminated! Both energy and maintenance costs will allow the windows to pay for themselves over time.

A: There are several types of material used for window frames, but there are many pros and cons. So, it is best to choose a window frame that is strong, durable, easy to maintain, and attractive as well.

A: No, there are many different glass options for replacement windows. Those of which include:

  • Tempered glass
  • Low-E glass
  • Argon gas
  • Krypton gas
  • Heat mirror

Each of these types of glass options provides different levels of energy efficiency and safety.

A: Inert gases like argon are highly effective barriers that prevent the transfer of thermal energy. It is easy to see how effective gases like these are just by a simple touch on a cold day. However, it is vital to make sure that the glass is sealed correctly to the frame of the window so that energy is not able to “leak” through the edges.

A: Low-E stands for “low emittance,” and “emittance” is the energy in which is radiated by the surface of the body. More specifically, Low-E is a type of glass emits or radiates low energy making your windows energy efficient

A: Single hung and double hung windows are terms that refer to how your windows operate, whether it be up or down. Single hung windows only open from the bottom sash as the top is secured. Double hung windows open from both top and bottom sashes and usually tilt-in so you can clean them.

A: “U-Value” of a window refers to the rate of heat transfer, so the lower the U-Value, the better! Make sure the U-Value is .30 or less to receive an energy-efficiency tax credit.


  • Take down curtains, blinds, and other window treatments
  • Turn off security sensors and remove them
  • Make a clear path for your window professionals

Remove all wall decorations that are close to the windows – we do not want your belongings to fall

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