Anlin Windows

Anlin is proud to share with you this national recognition from Best of the Best Television for providing gold standard customer service and workmanship.

About Anlin Window Systems

Anlin Industries, also known as Anlin Window Systems, was founded in 1990 by Tom Vidmar and his two sons Eric and Greg. With valuable manufacturing experience working for Ford Motor Company, and as a CertainTeed window manufacturer – Tom and his sons set out to create a company that would make the finest vinyl replacement windows in the industry.

First came designs that optimized energy efficiency, beauty, functionality, and durability. Then came the choice of top quality materials which were assembled in a manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology. And finally came a commitment to provide its Dealer network world class service delivered by highly trained employees/technicians equipped with a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles. Anlin quickly became the top choice of window dealers and homeowners throughout California and Western Regions.

Tom believed Anlin’s success flowed from a simple philosophy that the Anlin team was a family, and its Dealers and Homeowners were part of that family. Even his Anlin I.D. badge simply read “Grandpa.” His vision inspired Anlin to build the best and be the best. Anlin has always been known for a safe and happy work environment, world-class products and service, and spirit of giving back to the community.

Tom passed away in August of 2014, but his vision still inspires Anlin’s success. John Maloney (President), Eric Vidmar (Executive Vice President) and Greg Vidmar (Vice President) continue to grow the family business and preserve their legacy.

Anlin Window Systems, recognized as California’s Best Brand and Western Region’s top vinyl replacement windows and doors, has been ranked as a Top 100 Manufacturer by Window & Door Magazine for 20 years. And the company is proud that its family has grown to almost 400 team members building millions of windows for satisfied homeowners. Anlin’s focus on Dealers and commitment to Homeowner satisfaction in its products and service is the company’s hallmarks, earning Anlin 5-star ratings on review and opinion sites such as YELP and others.

Sustainability That Works for Everyone

Anlin windows and doors are the sustainable choice for your home environment … and the Earth’s environment? Here are some highlights:

  • Anlin’s industry-leading energy efficiency means you use less energy to heat and cool your home. And when you use less energy, you’re helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. So you save money while you reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Anlin reclaims and reuses almost all by-products in our manufacturing process, including glass, vinyl and shipping materials. Each year, Anlin recycles more than 600,000 pounds of vinyl and 12,000 pounds of paper!
  • Your Anlin windows and doors are built to last. Made with durable materials that stand up to even extreme environments, they’ll stay on your home longer … and out of the landfill.

nergy-star-map-ogz25eti77fxpkzjmdhb1qbqqwgjtfekxlmgk9kd54Anlin Catalina windows exceed Energy Star® requirements and help you save on energy costs year-round.

Reduce up to 50% of outside noise compared to typical dual-pane windows. Anlin Sound Package with sound suppression technology greatly reduces the transmission of noise from the outside of your home to the inside, making your home even quieter. You may choose to add the Anlin Sound Package to windows throughout your home, or to windows facing a street or other sources of noise.

Ventilation Latch. The built-in ventilation latch allows your windows to be open a few inches for ventilation without being able to be opened further.

Premium Vinyl

Thick, durable vinyl window frame with inner chambers help reduce the flow of heat and cold through the frame.

Smooth Operation

High-quality rollers and a constant-force stainless steel balance system make sliding and hung windows easy to operate.

Easy-Clean Glass

PLUS Easy-Clean Coating makes the outside windows easier to clean and helps them stay cleaner longer.

sash-deadbolt2Continuous Interlock

Continuous Interlock prevents “jimmying” the pull tight cam lock from the outside and passes the most stringent forced entry resistance test.

Sash Dead Bolt

Optional solid ¼ stainless steel sash dead bolt provides added security.

Anlin Window Systems

anlin-armorAnlinArmor™ is an easy-peel protective film on the interior and exterior glass that keeps your windows in pristine condition throughout the manufacturing, delivery, and installation processes.


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