Community Project Giveaway Winner

In May, we announced we were giving back to the community! People who needed window replacements, an exterior coating, or even a new air conditioner could enter to win a home improvement project free of charge. This month, the application deadline was closed, and we’re happy to have chosen a well-deserving family in need! Keep reading to find out who our community project winner is!

And the winner is… Jennifer Perez from Hemet, CA! 

Jennifer and her husband Eric, have been raising their family in their home in Hemet. But it has not always been easy.

Eric is a disabled veteran, and Jennifer is his caregiver. This hardship has caused them to struggle financially.

Although we wish we could help everyone, while reading through all of the submitted applications, Jennifer’s stood out to us.

The Perez family’s story hit home for many members of our team at Select Home Improvements such as our ownership and employed veterans.

Veterans risk their lives every day while on duty, and we can’t imagine how hard their life has been. This is also why Select Home Improvements offers military discounts for certain home improvement projects.

All of us at Select Home Improvements wanted to do anything we could to help the Perez family.

“Winning the sweepstakes has been a huge blessing on our family,” says Jennifer.

Their home is 33 years old and still has its original windows. She says they’ve always had problems with the heat and being able to keep their home cool. However, due to their financial struggles, she says buying new windows was never a realistic option because they could never afford it.

Jennifer says she was in complete shock when she found out she was the community project giveaway winner. At first, she says she thought it was a hoax, but then soon realized it was real.

Her husband says they both cried when they found out they were the winners because they could not believe they had actually won the giveaway.

“I am extremely grateful,” says Jennifer.

Something that felt like an unrealistic option for the Perez family will soon be a reality with the help of Select Home Improvements!

We’ll be installing new replacement windows for their home free of charge. But wait, there’s more… we also decided to give them a new sliding door, which they are also ecstatic about!

We want to thank Eric for his service and can’t wait to see the look on their faces when the project is complete!

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