Exterior Painting Services in Coto De Caza

In Coto De Caza, homeowners often look for ways to enhance their homes’ curb appeal and functionality without the frequent need for upkeep. Select Home Improvements presents an exceptional solution with our TEX•COTE® exterior painting services. This method revitalizes your home’s look and offers a long-lasting and energy-efficient alternative to traditional painting.

Lasting Beauty with a Lifetime Guarantee

TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® systems stand out due to their durability and longevity. Unlike standard paint that requires reapplication every few years, TEX•COTE® is built to last for the lifetime of your home. This is achieved through a meticulous 10-step application process by certified installers, ensuring that every coat applied enhances the aesthetic appeal and withstands time and elements. Homeowners can rest easy knowing a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty protects their investment, and the added benefit of color matching that it provides the flexibility to meet any Homeowner’s Association requirements.

Safety and Professionalism at the Forefront

Select Home Improvements prioritizes the safety of both customers and technicians by adhering to stringent state and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Properties built pre-1978 are meticulously tested for lead-based paint, with appropriate safety measures implemented during the painting process. This commitment to safety ensures that all projects are executed responsibly and to the highest standard.

Innovative Technology for Superior Performance

The TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® system employs cutting-edge technology to reduce your home’s heat absorption. Using the same heat-reflective technology the military utilizes, this system changes the invisible part of the light spectrum to reflect solar heat. This innovation can significantly reduce your home’s exterior temperature, which can lower interior temperatures and potentially reduce cooling costs by up to 21.9%, as evidenced by a study from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Advanced Solutions for Enhanced Reflectivity

Beyond aesthetics, TEX•COTE® incorporates unique reflective pigments used by the U.S. government for cooling military ships and reducing radar signatures in Stealth bombers. Compared to traditional paints, these pigments can decrease surface temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The reflective quality not only contributes to more relaxed home interiors but also to significant energy savings.

Reflect-Tec® for Ultimate Heat Reflection

The REFLECT-TEC® Heat-Reflective roof coating is another innovative offering by Select Home Improvements. Utilizing infrared heat-reflective technology and advanced Fluorpolymer technology licensed from Arkema, Inc., REFLECT-TEC® is designed to reflect infrared heat into the atmosphere. This water-based, field-applied coating maintains its color while increasing solar reflectance and resistance to environmental contaminants such as dirt, mold, and mildew.

For homeowners in Coto De Caza seeking a reliable and efficient way to enhance their home’s exterior, Select Home Improvements offers TEX•COTE® exterior painting services. Experience the difference with this advanced coating system that promises beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. For a free in-home estimate and to learn more about how TEX•COTE® can benefit your home, contact us today at (855) 663-8271.

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