Four Crystal Clear Advantages of Double-Pane Windows

Four Crystal Clear Advantages of Double-Pane Windows

Before making decisions about replacing your windows and patio doors, we recommend you do a lot of research. If you make a smart purchase, replacement windows will become an investment that can pay off.

There is only one aspect of window replacement that does not need to be researched, and it is the number of panes in your new windows. Nowadays, when faced with the choice between a single pane, a double-pane, or a triple pane window, the answer is clear. Unlike single-pane windows, double-pane windows reduce noise and save energy. Also, they are typically much more affordable than triple pane windows, so it’s a no-brainer. 

Keep reading this blog to learn about the benefits double pane windows can offer to your home.

What are double pane windows?

Double pane windows are also called dual pane windows. They got their name from the two panes of glass with a gas or a vacuum space between the panes. High-performance dual pane windows have Argon gas as a filler between the two windows panes. The Argon gas filler increases the energy efficiency of the dual pane windows. Another benefit of using two panes is that it reduces the heat getting into the house from the sun. The two panes also reduce heated or cooled air that usually escapes through the windows.

Benefits of Having Double Pane Windows

Energy Savings

Energy savings is the most notable benefit of replacing your windows with double-pane windows. One pane of glass is simply not as effective at preventing heat loss as two panes. Most of the dual pane windows on the market today can reduce energy loss by as much as half because they also include different levels of Low-E glass coating. The high-performance Low-E glass coating also prevents the fading of your rugs and furniture from the sun. 

Noise Reduction

If you are purchasing double pane windows for your house, it is great to know that noise reduction is another advantage. If you live near the airport or on a busy street or your home is close to the neighbors’ house, you will especially appreciate the noise reduction benefit of your new windows. If you get dual pane vinyl windows, it’s good to know that they are virtually maintenance-free, so you will get to enjoy the reduced amount of time and money you have to spend on window maintenance. 

Less Condensation

Dual pane windows are less likely to have condensation issues than single-pane windows. Mild condensation might not be a big deal since lifestyle rather than window problems usually cause it. However, prolonged condensation might cause mold to appear in your house, which is expensive to remove and can be toxic to the house occupants. 

Energy Savings

The investment in the double pane windows pays off overtime. Double pane windows cost a little more than single-pane windows and a little less than triple pane windows, but they are perfect for California climates and the best choice for California homes. Research shows that homeowners could on average, save 20% to 30% annually on cooling and heating costs just by switching to dual pane windows. If your windows are single pane or simply old, the money you spend on air conditioning is literally going out the window. 

Options for Double Pane Windows

So you have decided on purchasing double-pane replacement windows. However, they are not created equal and come in a variety of energy-saving options. There are many types of Low-E coating, and you can choose the thickness of the glass panes, so the level of your windows’ energy efficiency will depend on those choices. Investing in the top-of-the-line windows at the beginning will result in significantly lower heating and cooling costs and increased money savings. So we recommend picking the top options to ensure your windows’ longevity, the decrease in outside noise, and the increased energy savings. 

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