Furnace Replacement, Is It Time?

As every South Californian knows, although out weather is pleasant, it can at times change without notice, and the colder months feel much cooler, and we miss our sunny weather. So, it is essential to maintain a safe and warm atmosphere at home. Nonetheless, if your furnace is not performing and its harder to keep your home warm this winter,Furnace Replacement, Is It Time? It is a huge decision, so how do you know for sure it is what needs to be done? Here are a few items that can help identify whether you need a furnace replacement.

  1. Unit Age

The first thing to note will be how old your furnace is. Like most homeowners, you probably purchased your home with an already existing furnace; it could mean this furnace is getting closer to its expiration age. To know how old your furnace is, you might want to check the average life span of the unit.  You may want to access the owner’s manual if you have it or you might have to look up the model number that should be located on the furnace itself. On average, a furnace life span is about 15-20 years old, depending on how often it gets maintenance check-ups, and how commonly it is used.

  1. Higher Energy Bills

When your furnace has not been serviced or is near its expiration age, it will work harder to try and maintain your home warm and cozy, resulting in higher energy bills than usual.

  1. Dustier Home

Have you noticed your home is somehow dustier when you are running your unit? This is essentially a vital sign that your furnace needs to be replaced since that dust isn’t only dirt but can be rust particles, dander, soot, and many other health-hazardous particles.

  1. Abnormal Humidity at Home

It is essential to address any humidity issues at home, especially for homeowners that have wood floors. Your furnace should be the one to blame when the air in your home is way too dry.

  1. Fluctuating Heat in Rooms

The furnace might be responsible when different rooms in your home are not being heated evenly. The older your furnace gets, the harder it is for the unit to perform correctly and spread the heat evenly throughout your home.

  1. Furnace Running Louder than Normal

It is somewhat typical for your furnace to make some noise, but if you hear your system running louder than usual or if you hear rattles, hums or buzzes, it is time to replace. It may have cracks, leaks or other issues that have to do with the structure.

  1. Furnace Has Visible Signs of Damage

Over time as your furnace ages rust and cracks will develop around your furnace, this is a sign it needs to be replaced.

  1. Multiple Repairs

Furnace Replacement, Is It Time? If you have a collection of HVAC contractor bills due to frequent repairs to your heating system within the last few years, it may be time for you to replace your unit. If you find yourself hanging out with your repairman more than your friends, as much as our repairman would love to set multiple dates with you, it is time we set up a free estimate!

If any of the above signs may occur in relation to your furnace, it is important that you contact one of your HVAC contractors at Select Home Improvements in order to discuss the options we have for a replacement. It is not only to maintain your home comfortable and warm for the winter but also to look out for your family’s health. Indoor air quality can be compromised when your furnace is not working properly; this can include issues like carbon monoxide, dander, dust, and many other hazardous particles that are dangerous to inhale.

Because we care for your family’s health and home comfort now it is easier than ever to resolve this issues since we offer multiple financing options.

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