Fontana, CA

Fontana is located in San Bernardino County and is known as the crossroads of the Inland Empire. It started in 1913 as an agricultural community and then became a thriving industrial town by 1942. Since then, it’s rapidly grown due to the development of the Kaiser Permanente Hospital and its exceptional population growth (one of the fastest in Southern California). Today you’ll find the largest library in the county, incredible parks, performing arts theaters, and many state-of-the-art facilities. In 2008, Best Life magazine rated Fontana as the 24th best place to raise a family in the U.S. As the city continues to thrive, many new commercial and residential developments are planned for the future.


Fontana can experience scorching summers, going well over 100 °F. The hot Santa Ana winds blow through the nearby Cajon Pass, significantly bringing the temperatures up. During the summer, the average high temperature is around the mid to high 90s, while the average winter temperature gets down to the mid-40s. Fontana averages 281 sunny days per year and 14 inches of rain.

Heat Reflective Exterior Paint in Fontana, CA

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