As we are going into the third week of social distancing more and more homeowners choose to start home improvement projects they have been postponing, but is it a good idea to launch a project now?

Our answer is that it depends on the project. Some home improvements are absolutely necessary and essential for your well-being and the health and safety of your family. Upgrading your HVAC system is one of the projects like that. Select Home Improvements now installs a Cold Plasma Generator in combination with your new HVAC system. The generator cleans air in your home safely and efficiently without releasing harmful ozone. It kills viruses, bacteria and mold and makes the indoor air healthy, safe and pleasant to breathe.

Another benefit of going for a home improvement project now is that our home improvement financing partners are making it very easy to apply for a home improvement loan by implementing convenient virtual tools that comply with the requirements of the social distancing. There is an unprecedented financing option available for a 6 month NO interest and NO payment financing, which means that if you start now, then, when the pandemic is over and everybody is in the rush to start a home improvement project, you will be ahead of the game.

At Select Home Improvements we specialize in exterior home improvements. This means we are able to do a lot of quoting and estimating activities without actually entering your home. For projects like roofing, exterior coating, HVAC, patio cover and more, just give us a call, fill out an inquiry form or start a chat session on our website. Replacement windows might require our team member to go inside, and they are instructed to take all the necessary safety measures.

Coronavirus Safety Measures Taken by the Installation Crews at Select Home Improvements

It is not possible to perform the installation virtually, so Select Home Improvements is taking various safety measures in order to help prevent the Coronavirus from potentially spreading. Here are some of the Coronavirus safety measures taken by our team members.

  • Cleaning Hands As Much As Possible
  • Not Shaking Hands during Greetings
  • Keeping Ourselves at a Distance from One Another
  • Wearing a Surgical Mask
  • Wearing Disposable Gloves

With all the precautions above, we believe that it is perfectly safe to start a home improvement project now. Moreover, we recommend to do that in order to take advantage of the home improvement financing incentives available. Just give us a call at (855) 995-2233 and we’ll help you start with a free quote that does not require any physical contact between you and our team.

Select Home Improvements is the best choice is you are looking for a home improvement contractor. If you have questions about your project please contact Select Home Improvements. We are here to assist you.
Call us at (855) 995-2233.