Window Replacement in Long Beach, CA

Check out this window replacement project we worked on in Long Beach, CA! When you compare the before and after pictures, you can immediately see how the home’s curb appeal leveled up! The old windows were single-paned, drafty windows that not only made the house look less appealing, but energy inefficient. Drafty windows allow outside air to enter your home and influence the temperature. During winter, it can make your home freezing and uncomfortable, even with the heater on. To keep your rooms at a comfortable climate, additional energy must be expended to heat/cool your home. Due to the inclusion of the outside air, more energy is needed to regulate the temperature. The amount of energy you would traditionally need is rendered ineffective and inefficient. As a result, your monthly energy bill will rise. You will have to spend more money to combat the effects of drafty windows. Fortunately, these homeowners made the smart decision to replace their old windows! Now they’ll pay less for their energy bills and enjoy a comfier home!