Should I Repair or Replace My Leaking Windows?

If your windows have leaks, it is definitely not something you should ignore. Window leaks can be incredibly corrosive to your home and can lead to aesthetic damage, mold development, and other severe structural problems. You might be wondering should I repair or replace my leaking windows?

Well, we are here to help.

Understanding Causes of Window Leaks

In order to answer this question, you must consider the severity of your window leakage because they are not all the same. There can be several reasons why your windows have leaks, such as:

  • Poor installation – This is the number one cause of leaks. It does not matter how pretty or expensive your windows are if they were installed wrong, then it leads to more problems. The most common installation error is the flashing and the use of house wrap or building paper instead of specifically designed window flashing, which is waterproof.
  • Windows that are not plumb or level – A window that is not level will eventually collect and accumulate water over time. You can easily detect this by placing a level on your window to see if it is appropriately installed or not.
  • Improper window sealing – Windows are usually sealed with expanding foam, so if it is used correctly, you will never have to worry about leaks! However, if less foam is used then, it creates air channels between the window and the wall, which will cause water to leak through.
  • Poor caulking – Damaged or bad caulking can also be the cause of leaks. But, the good thing is that recaulking is simple and inexpensive.
  • Improper glass sealing – If you see leaks inside your window, it means your glassing sealing is bad. This doesn’t always mean water leaks, but it could mean gas leaks, which can cause your window to be a lot less energy efficient.
  • Wall leaks – There are some cases where your windows are not the cause of your leaks at all. Instead, it’s your walls, so if you notice stains on the top parts of your window frames, then check your walls for any gaps or cracks to make sure your walls are not leaking.

Pick Up The Phone

Depending on how severe your leak is, it may be as easy as a weatherstripping replacement or as complicated as buying and installing new windows. So when debating if you should repair or replace your leaking windows, the best way to move forward is by contacting experienced professionals. Lucky for you, Select Home Improvements would be glad to help you! We will be able to determine the source of the leak, repair any damage, or replace your windows if needed. We have got you covered with your every window need!

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