Annual Spring Checklist to Prevent Leaks

The rainy season is here in Southern California, and it’s hitting us much harder this year. Preparing your windows and doors is one of the best ways to protect your home against the weather for the next couple of months. You don’t want to be surprised by finding out your windows or doors leak in the middle of a rainstorm. Here is a checklist to help prevent leaks and prepare for the incoming weather.

Checklist for Wood Windows and Wood Doors

  1. Make sure the locks are working correctly. Locks will position your window in place to ensure it’s as airtight as possible. 
  2. Clean the dust and debris out of the tracks and window frames. This will help keep it airtight and reduce the chance of mold forming around the window. 
  3. Check the sealants and caulking around windows and doors. 
  4. Replace any weather stripping that is coming loose.
  5. Check the finishes on the windows and door both on the inside and outside surfaces. If the paint is flaking, it’s a sign that you will want to reapply the finish.
  6. Look for any cracks in the wood, or signs of water damage. 
  7. Check for air leakage coming from your windows and doors. This will cause cold air and moisture to enter your home while pushing warm air out. 
  8. Check and clean weep holes and breather holes if they contain any debris. 

Checklist for Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Doors

  1. Clear out any debris from the weep holes. While vinyl windows are not prone to water damage, clogged weep holes could cause structural water damage. Checking the weep holes may require the removal of the sash. 
  2. Check your screen doors for tears, and ensure the door it tightly fit on the track.
  3. Replace any weather-strips that are brittle, discolored, torn, or loose.
  4. Check the sashes for damage. This includes cracks, fog in windows, damage to the tracks, and non-working locks. 
  5. Make sure the exterior sealant is not damaged. Cracks and areas where the adhesion has worn off will allow water to leak into your home. 

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