Carlsbad, CA

The quiet coastal city of Carlsbad lies in the North County area of San Diego County. It’s a popular tourist destination and is among the nation’s top twenty wealthiest cities and the fifth richest city in California. You’ll find beautiful sandy beaches, world-class sporting events, incredible shopping, 50 acres of blooming flowers, and even the LEGOLAND® theme park. The city offers a relaxing beach town environment with plenty of outdoor activities and gourmet cuisine.


Carlsbad has a semi-arid Mediterranean climate that averages 263 sunny days per year. The city experiences a mild climate with foggy mornings and periodic rain. Summertime averages the mid-70s, and the winter gets down to the mid-40s. While the fall is relatively temperate, the Santa Ana winds can bring hot and dry temperatures.

Tex-Cote in Carlsbad, CA

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