Texcote at Coronado

Coronado is a California resort city on a peninsula in San Diego Bay. It’s known for the grand Victorian Hotel del Coronado, which opened in 1888. Across from the hotel, the wide, flat Coronado Beach draws surfers and sunbathers from all over the world. Coronado is rated 9.2 / 10 (10 equals best) for one of the most pleasant places in California. October, June, and September are the most pleasant months in Coronado, while January and December are the least comfortable months.

The warm homes in Coronado would benefit from Texcote Coolwall. Texcote is a great way to keep homes cool during the hot summer days. A study conducted by the U. S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory showed that Texcote Coolwall coatings can reduce a home’s cooling costs by as much as 21.9%! In addition to the energy savings, Texcote Coolwall features a full palette of beautiful colors to enhance any home style. Coronado is known for the gorgeous homes that reside in it. Texcote’s great variation of colors will enhance the beautiful aesthetics of Coronado homes, so you don’t have to worry about it affecting the look of your house negatively.

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