Texcote Coolwall Application in Carmel Valley, CA

Carmel Valley is a suburban planned community on the northwestern side of San Diego, California. The community is composed of residential units, commercial offices, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. The name Carmel Valley comes from the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy, who established a dairy farm and monastery in the area in 1905. Carmel Valley is one of the newer neighborhoods of the City of San Diego. The community was formed officially on February 1 of 1975. The construction later began in 1983 as residential communities later replaced farms.

Carmel Valley, like most of southern California, is a Mediterranean climate, which means no snow. The weather averages to 70 degrees, making it a comfortable place to live. The summers and winters may not be extreme, but can still get uncomfortable. Home in Carmel Valley would highly benefit from Texcote Coolwall coatings on the homes. Texcote coolwall systems offer homeowners one of today’s most reliable and beautiful solutions to protecting home exteriors while significantly reducing the temperature of the home during the hot summer days.

The application of Texcote Coolwall cannot be easily applied by just anyone. Select Home Improvements is certified in the application of this system. Carmel Valley Homeowners trust us for a job well done 100% of the time. Investments like these need to be done right to be able to enjoy the benefits, such as saving money on your energy bill! To protect your Carmel Valley home from the hot UV summer rays, give us a call at (855) 995-2233 or click here for a free quote.

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