Here at Select Home Improvements, we want what’s best for you when it comes to your home’s exterior. Gone are the days of plain old paint for your exterior. With so much advancement in technology over the past century, paint for your exterior walls no longer simply makes your house look nice. There are now materials that will help keep your home cool, reducing electric bills, as well as environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

We’ve done our due diligence and only work with the best in the industry, that’s why at Select Home Improvements we are a Platinum Dealer with Tex-Cote of America and having Tex-Cote Certified Installers, meaning that we offer the best of the best from Tex-Cote. Let’s dive into the differences between the installation of advanced materials such as that which Tex-Cote offers, and standard paint:


People have been painting and decorating the exterior of their homes for quite literally, centuries. Everyone is familiar with early man sites where paintings are found in caves. While a lot of these cave paintings were for documentation, more often than not they were just giving their dwellings a little bit of extra flair!

Up until recent decades, there was not much more than just decoration going into these paints. The original ready-use exterior paint for homes came in the late 1800s from Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore – well-known brands still today! While these brands have certainly made updates throughout the years, including computer-based color matching, technology has come even further. (read more history)

Exterior paint for homes is quite limiting in functionality as well. While paint can look very nice, especially since you can color match so specifically nowadays, you won’t get much else out of your paint. You will have to repaint your home every 3-6 years, depending on the material that you are painting. The climate you live in could affect this, as well as humid, salty air (such as near the ocean) or extreme heat or cold, can affect the life of your paint job.

Textured Coating

Textured coating is a different material from paint usually made from polymers, acrylic, and other materials that make it more durable. Textured coating has been around for the past century or so and has also taken a lot of turns when technology has come into play.

Select Home Improvements is a Platinum Dealer with Tex-Cote of America and uses Tex-Cote Certified Installers, meaning that we offer the best of the best from Tex-Cote. We offer various products from Tex-Cote such as their Coolwall and Reflect-Tec. These products are designed and built to last for as long as you own your home, you won’t have to worry about replacing every few years as you would with painting your exterior.

Tex-Cote Coolwall

The Coolwall system is technology that actually cools surface temperature wherever the product is installed which helps decrease energy bills. The patented technology helps to:

  • reduce building stress caused by heat expansion
  • reduce fading on exteriors
  • improve water resistance and help prevent water damage
  • reduce environmental damage caused by chlorine compounds in air conditioning refrigerants

The surface temperature of Coolwall areas can be lowered by as much as 40 degrees F, and save up to 29% on energy bills!

Coolwall Brochure

 When you contract your next Tex-Cote project with us, we also follow rigorous guidelines mandated by the State and EPA agencies and practice safe work. Every home we work on pre-1978 is tested for existing lead-based paint and practices are implemented to ensure the safety of both our customers and installers together. Most installations are completed between 2-3 weeks and come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Tex-Cote of America can also color match most brands and colors alike so if you have a scheme that is approved for your Homeowner’s Association, we can match the color scheme with Tex-Cote Coolwall as well.

If you are ready to upgrade the exterior of your home, to a long-lasting, energy efficient solution, contact us today for your free quote!