Transform Your Backyard with Patio Covers in Mission Viejo

Select Home Improvements can change the appearance of your backyard with a new DuraCool Aluma-Wood Patio Cover. Offering several functional and aesthetically pleasing designs, our patio covers come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. DuraCool’s wood grain embossed patio covers are made of aluminum with a deeply baked coating that guarantees no chipping, fading, or cracking. With a DuraCool patio cover, you can be worry-free about termites, and rest assured that your patio cover will last as long as you own your home. Call us today, and one of our design specialists can provide a free in-home estimate.

Premium Patio Covers

Plenty of options exist when selecting the material for your patio cover. At Select Home Improvements, we offer Alumawood manufactured by DuraCool. Alumawood is aluminum that has been embossed, painted, and manufactured into shapes that resemble cedar wood. The finished product is a beautiful, low-maintenance shade cover that will outlast any other material on the market today. Alumawood combines the best of both worlds: the appearance of natural wood and the durability and maintenance-free benefits of aluminum.

Our premium patio covers are perfect for those who want to enhance their outdoor living spaces without the hassle of frequent maintenance. Whether you are hosting a barbecue, enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, or simply looking for a place to relax, our Alumawood patio covers provide the ideal solution. With various styles and designs available, we can create a patio cover that complements the architecture of your Mission Viejo home while providing much-needed shade and protection from the elements.

Solid Patio Covers for Total Shade

If total shade is what you want, Select Home Improvements has a vast selection of solid patio covers made from high-grade materials to fit your needs and budget. We carry Duralum’s Californian Patio Cover, which offers complete shade and the rich look of natural wood with the durability of high-grade aluminum. The Californian is perfect for those hot Mission Viejo summers, providing a cool, shaded area where you can enjoy the outdoors without the discomfort of direct sunlight.

Our expert team of designers will evaluate your space and help you choose the perfect solid patio cover for your outdoor area. Whether you’re planning a family gathering, a party with friends, or want a comfortable place to relax, our solid patio covers provide a stylish and practical solution. With the added benefit of a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, you can be confident that your investment will last years.

Lattice Patio Covers for a Touch of Sunlight

For those who prefer to let a little sunlight in, we offer lattice patio covers that provide partial shade while maintaining the same look and durability as our total shade options. Select Home Improvements carries Duralum’s Phoenix Lattice Patio Cover, an excellent addition to any backyard. The Phoenix Lattice lets some sun in while offering natural wood’s rich appearance and high-grade aluminum’s longevity.

Our lattice patio covers are perfect for creating a light and airy outdoor space that feels open and inviting. Whether you’re looking to make a cozy nook for reading or a lively area for socializing, our lattice patio covers offer the versatility you need. Our designers will work with you to evaluate your space and ensure you get the perfect patio cover for your next friends and family gathering.

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Select Home Improvements is dedicated to providing the highest quality patio covers in Mission Viejo. We understand that every home is unique, and our goal is to create a patio cover that not only meets your needs but also enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. We can create a custom solution that fits your lifestyle and budget with our wide range of designs and materials.

Contact Select Home Improvements at (855) 663-8271 to schedule a free in-home estimate and transform your backyard with a new DuraCool Aluma-Wood Patio Cover. Let us help you create an outdoor living space you and your family can enjoy for years.

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