An air conditioner can be a large investment for your home and the personal comfort of those living there. Pets included. Before you begin sliding that thermostat to the lower numbers and cross your fingers that the A/C unit will work this summer, it may be a good idea to contact a licensed contractor that offers HVAC services and annual maintenance especially if your equipment is older or under warranty.

High Electric Bills

If your A/C needs frequent repairs or your electric bills seem higher than usual, it might be time to seriously consider replacing your A/C. High electric bills are typically evidence of an air conditioner that has become extremely inefficient. If it is more than 10 years old, government standards could warrant you replace it with an Energy Star rated unit. New A/C units typically save up to 20%-40% of your cooling costs & may seriously reduce your electric bills which can offset the cost of replacing it.

Air Quality

Air quality can also be an issue. For the loved ones in your home and the pets residing there, you may consider replacing your A/C if you’ve noticed the indoor air quality doesn’t seem as good lately. As your A/C gets older, the ductwork may begin to leak, and air may begin to filter into your home from various areas within your house such as the attic. Your air filters, which remove allergens and pollen from the air, may not be functional or existent. The health and safety of your family is important to us here at Select and we want to ensure your HVAC Unit is putting healthy air into your home.

The Time is Now!

The Off-Season is a great time to hire someone to inspect your home. HVAC professionals are often booked in the summer and winter which are peak heating and cooling seasons. Since things quiet down during the spring this results in schedules being more flexible and there is a better chance you can book an appointment at a time that’s more convenient for you & your family. You can even purchase a new A/C unit during the off-season and schedule the installation at a later time.


You can also take your time with making the decision as spring lies ahead since you may not have an immediate need to cool your home. Take advantage of this time by working with us to research the types of air conditioning systems that are best for your home and comfort needs. With years of experience, our qualified HVAC technicians have what it takes, to diagnose, fix, repair and or replace your dated system. Select carries the highest quality heating and air conditioning systems in the industry installed by experts with our 5-star installation process.

Call or contact us today and let us diagnose your HVAC unit and get a quote on a new one!