Loma Linda

Loma Linda, meaning “beautiful hills” in Spanish, is a city in San Bernardino County with a population of 24,470 people. The residents are known for having one of the highest longevity rates in the US. A large portion of the population lives past 100 years old! Their longevity is attributed to their healthy lifestyle and diet. A third of the people are Seventh-day Adventists who don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, get plenty of exercise, and eat little to no meat. 


Like most of Southern California, Loma Linda is mostly known for its sunny and warm year-round temperatures. The weather will vary from 42-95°F throughout the year, with an annual average temperature of 64.4°F. You’ll find the temperature rarely goes below above 103°F or below 35°F. The area only gets around 13 inches of rain per year and averages 280 sunny days per year. 


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