The city of Ontario is located in southwestern San Bernardino County and makes up the western part of the Inland Empire. It has a population of 186,653 and is home to the Ontario International Airport, the 15th busiest airport in the US. It was settled in 1882 by two brothers, George and William Chaffey. They named it after their hometown, Ontario, Canada. They established Ontario as an agricultural community, and it now remains an important regional distribution center for fruits. 


The climate in Ontario is a Mediterranean climate consisting of hot summers and warm winters. Throughout the year, the temperatures vary from 43-95°F. In summer, the daytime average temperature will be in the low 90s, and winter will be in the high 60s. It’s common for the area to get hit by the Santa Ana winds during fall and winter. On occasion, temperature extremes can vary from 108°F down to 25°F. Ontario receives 16 inches of rain and 279 sunny days per year.


Best Window and Door Replacements in Ontario

Residents understand that that area can become very humid during the summers and very chilly from the winter winds. Vinyl windows and patio doors will help reflect the scorching sun away from your home, keeping it cool inside. Replacing your windows with quality vinyl windows will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Not only will they improve your home’s energy-efficiency, but they’ll beautify your home as well! They’re an excellent investment, as they’re backed by a double lifetime guarantee and will boost your home’s overall value. You can trust Select Home Improvements for the best window and door replacements in Ontario, California!


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