SuperCote Exterior Coating & Window Replacement in Costa Mesa, CA

Tackling two home improvement projects at the same time ensures you receive the maximum benefits both projects bring to your home. For this home in Costa Mesa, our team applied SuperCote exterior coating and installed new vinyl energy-efficient windows within the same project. The clean, white coating has heat-reflective properties that will lower the home’s surface temperatures and make the interior cooler on warm days. It will also last many years while protecting against harsh winds and heavy rain. We installed new white vinyl windows that complement the paint, adding to the home’s look. Each new window will also help create a comfortable interior by keeping desired temperatures inside and unfavorable ones out. Slider windows are a popular choice because they are easy to operate and provide ventilation and natural light for any room in which they are placed. At Select Home Improvements, we offer a variety of window styles so you can choose the ones that will best accommodate your home. We also offer an array of coating colors so your exterior and windows look cohesive and give your home a fresh look. Give Select Home Improvements a call at (855) 995-2233, or click here for a FREE quote!