SuperCote Exterior Coating & Window Replacement in Downey, CA

Take a look at this SuperCote Exterior Coating and window replacement our team completed in Downey, CA. The homeowners decided to change their tan and red combination into something more sleek and elegant. They chose white coating with black eaves around the roof, black frames for their new windows, and we replaced the garage door with a door made of windows, also with black frames. These upgrades will work to protect the home while increasing its energy efficiency. The home looks like a completely different house thanks to the new color, and it will also be protected from weather damage potentially caused by rain, wind, and harmful UV rays. The new windows will help regulate comfortable interior temperatures, energy use, and energy costs. Plus, they’ll allow ventilation, fresh air, and natural sunlight into the home. When you upgrade your home with multiple energy-efficient products from Select Home Improvements, you choose maximum benefits at an affordable and reliable price. Call our team at (855) 995-2233, or click here for a FREE quote!