SuperCote Textured Coating in Hemet, CA

Take a look at the results of this SuperCote textured coating application we did for this home in Hemet, CA! These homeowners were spending big money on their energy bills due to their house easily getting hot. However, Select Home Improvement resolved that issue with SuperCote textured coating! Its heat-reflective property reduces exterior wall temperatures by up to 40°F. This, in turn, results in cooler interior temperatures. With cooler interior temperatures, there is less need to run the air conditioner higher, or as often. Reduced air conditioner usage means reduced energy costs because the HVAC system is one of the biggest energy consumers in the home. Now these homeowners can enjoy a cooler home and lower energy bills! If you would like to SuperCote your home, give us a call at (855) 995-2233 or click here for a FREE quote!