What Are Retrofit Windows?

What Are Retrofit Windows

So, you’ve noticed a draft coming through another one of your windows. That’s it; you’ve decided it’s time to replace them! When shopping around for new windows, you’ll come across some unfamiliar terms. The word “retrofit” gets thrown around a lot, and you might be wondering, “what are retrofit windows?” In our industry, it’s another word for replacement windows (the two terms are interchangeable) and is an excellent option for homeowners. This blog will go over the process of retrofit windows and how they differ from other options.


So, What Are Retrofit Windows?

They are new energy-efficient windows that are the same size as your previous windows and are inserted into the existing frame of the home. This method was designed so that contractors can replace and install windows without removing any exterior materials. Since they’re measured to fit the existing opening, it allows you to retain the home’s architecture and original look. They’re a great option if you’re happy with the placement and size of your current windows and don’t want to spend extra money reconstructing the window frame. Plus, if you have an older home, it’s important to alter the structure as little as possible, as this can help retain the home’s value. 


Since this process involves less construction, homeowners save money on labor costs! You won’t have to repair or replace the exterior finish since it will barely be disturbed. There’s no drywall, stucco, or paint damage! Since it’s a much quicker installation, most retrofit window projects are complete in as little as one day! If you’re curious to know the alternative to retrofit windows, there’s another method called “new construction windows.”


Retrofit Windows vs. New Construction Windows

New construction windows typically refer to windows added to a new home or during the construction of a home addition. Since the frame is exposed when building, the windows are directly attached to the studs. While they’re often added during the construction phase, they can also be used in renovations. This scenario will require a contractor to remove the materials around the window to expose the studs. This process is more invasive and involves more work than retrofit windows. New construction is a good option if the original frame and studs are damaged or rotten. 


When comparing the two options, they both come with different benefits and drawbacks. Retrofit windows are cost-effective and less invasive to your home, but they’ll generally be the same size as your original ones. New construction windows can resize the window frame, but they are much more expensive and can damage the home’s exterior. When you’re deciding between the two, the best choice comes down to the condition of the original frame and your personal preference. If the current window frame is in good condition and you want to retain the home’s structure, retrofit windows make a great option. If the frame has severe rot or termite damage, new construction windows are the way to go. If you need any help determining which option is best for you and your home, our team of experts are here to help! You can schedule a free in-home consultation where we’ll help you make the best decision. 


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